Ancient Chinese bronze ware has a long history, brilliant, and has eternal historical and artistic value. Ji-copper ware refers to the articles made of Ji-copper. Bronze is an alloy of pure copper and tin, which also contains a small amount of lead. As an alloy, it has several advantages over pure copper. First, the melting point is low and easy to cast. Second, the hardness is high. The ratio of tin to lead can be increased or reduced appropriately according to the actual needs to achieve different hardness. Third, the solution has fewer bubbles in the casting process and no holes in the mould, which makes it easy to cast sharp edges and fine patterns, while the pore of the object itself is greatly reduced. Less. The invention of bronze is a great epoch-making creation. The term "lucky gold" often mentioned in ancient Chinese literature refers to pure and beautiful bronze.

From the 21st century BC to the 5th century BC in Shang and Zhou Dynasties, archaeologists called the period from the invention of bronze to the widespread use of iron as the "Bronze Age". In the Bronze Age, brilliant achievements in bronze casting are one of the main characteristics of its cultural development. Of course, the name "ancient Chinese bronze ware" can also refer to various bronze products in Shang and Zhou Dynasties and after Shang and Zhou Dynasties. Bronze is a great invention in human history. It is the alloy of red copper, tin and lead, and the earliest alloy in the history of metal casting. After the invention of bronze, it became popular immediately. From then on, human history entered a new stage, the bronze age.

China has a long history of using copper. About six or seven thousand years ago our ancestors discovered and began to use copper. Compared with West Asia, South Asia and North Africa, which entered the Bronze Age about 6500 years ago, the Chinese Bronze Age came later, but it can not be denied that it originated independently, because there was a time when both bronze and stone ware existed in China, which is about 5500-4500 years ago. On this basis, China invented bronze alloy, which is the same as the world bronze development model. Therefore, it can be ruled out that Chinese bronze ware is spread abroad.

For all the countries in the Central Plains of China before the Qin Dynasty, the greatest thing is sacrifice and foreign war. As the representative of the most advanced metal refining and casting technology at that time, bronze was also mainly used in sacrificial rituals and war. The bronzes discovered in the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties all have the functions of ceremonial utensils and weapons as well as the accessories around them. This is different from the bronzes found in other countries in the world and forms a cultural system of bronzes with Chinese traditional characteristics.