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Tongqing Culture

Mission: Pursuing Perfection with Unique Creativity

The value of Tongqing's existence is to make perfect deeds with craftsmen's heart and to benefit the whole world with good faith.

Business purpose: inherit civilization and create classics

Bronze culture has a long history. Since the beginning of Xia and Shang Dynasty, it has gone through thousands of years and has been an important part of promoting the development of human civilization. From production tools to living utensils to exquisite gifts. Numerous immortal classics have been left behind. It is a brilliant pearl in Chinese traditional culture. Today, in the 21st century, copper art still plays its unique role, either rough and simple, or exquisite and gorgeous... It is loved by the world. In order to inherit this excellent culture, enterprises should take people as the basis, inherit the ancient methods and combine modern technology to carry forward the great task. Inheritance of civilization, expounds the bronze culture, Buddhist culture and other traditional cultures rooted in broad spirit of Tongqing craft, inherits civilization from generation to generation, creates classics, implies that Tongqing craft upholds the profound connotation of traditional culture, inherits and develops, and constantly innovates. Create the classics of the times that have been handed down to the world. It reflects the sense of mission and responsibility of Tongqing people.

The Brand Meaning of Tongqing

The shape of bronze tripod is formed by the combination of seal character "Qing" and glutinous pattern, which shows the beauty of simplicity, ruggedness and mystery. The substrate is gold-printed with strong contrast of red and white effects and strong visual impact. It shows the ancient and simple charm, reflects the connotation of bronze culture, gives people a sense of dignity and stability, implies that Tongqing people are rooted in traditional Chinese culture, constantly exploring and innovating, respecting credibility and keeping their promise of enterprise spirit!

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